Fees. One of the most important topics when it comes to investing and investment advice is just how much your investments are costing you.

For more information regarding the breakdown of fees I charge, please contact my office at 310.541.2567 and I would be happy to discuss them over the phone or in person with you

*Keep in mind, every school district is different, they offer different programs. Low fee advisory programs are not available at some districts. You will know exactly what your paying for all of these fees combined and we will both sign a form attesting to my disclosure and your understanding of the total fees charged to your account.

Flat Rate 403b plan assistance program description:

  • You must be a verified School District Employee and interested in equity based products. (no fixed or variable annuity programs at this time)
  • Meeting will take place at my office or via phone.
  • We will review a sampling of the options available on your District's approved vendor list, that work within the Flat Rate Assistance Program.
  • We will run a paycheck analysis and include several different deduction amounts for your review.
  • We will complete a short Retirement Analysis including an integrated estimate of your pension to help you create a clearer picture of your retirement.
  • Complete a risk tolerance review including a consideration of your time horizon and investment experience.
  • We will assist in the creation of an asset allocation that fits your stated objectives.
  • Assist in the completion of all necessary paperwork and will submit all paperwork to the District's administrator on your behalf. (some districts restrict what I can do for employees)
  • Schedule review of first statement when received.

 Interested to learn more about my flat rate program? call my office at 310.541.2567 and I will be happy to review your options, costs, etc...