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I'm glad you're visiting my website - it means you're looking to do some investment/retirement planning and your investigating your options.

If you're a school employee, you've come to the right place. I've been working with school employees for over 25 years... You're one of the main reasons I wrote a book called "Schooled" about my experience working in the 403b School retirement marketplace.

With so many options and advice available it's increasingly difficult to know what steps to take to start a successful retirement plan. One suggestion is to start with a philosophy of keeping the planning simple, getting explanations of each step in the process and focusing on keeping fees low so more of your money is working for you.

Our goal is to make sure all of our clients & customers have a clear and ongoing understanding of:

  • Why you are investing in the investments we've chosen together to reach your objectives.
  • How the allocation fits with your investment experience, time horizon and tolerance for risk.
  • What the costs are for each investment we are suggesting and how much my firm is earning on each investment option. You can find a list of my investment service fees here, including a new, flat rate option exclusively for school district employees.
  • How I will communicate with you regarding your investments. we'll agree on when and how many times each year we hold a review of your accounts. (quarterly, semi-annually, annually)

It's easy to get started - use the contact us button at the bottom of this page to set up a short introduction call. This call is the perfect way to ask questions about investments/retirement planning without the pressure of being sold a product, service or appointment. It's also a way for me to show you the service first commitment we have with our clients and customers. (during our call I will explain the difference between a customer and a client!)

Take a quick look around my site, check out the "things to consider" "common mistakes" sections they're a great place to start. Then schedule an introductory call or email me with a quick question.


Wade N. Murphy

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